Asheir Home - Germantown

A Boutique Assisted Living

                                             Asheir Manor has a very special history and special place in my heart.

                                             The owner of Asheir Manor, Pam Heir,  began her carrier in England as a nurse in 1982.

                                             She moved to Annapolis MD USA in 1984 and needed to take her nursing boards again,                                                                                                               since the USA did not accept the UK accreditation.

                                             So with a young child, she worked as a part time certified nursing assistant  and went back to school to                                                                                     complete the USA requirements to resit her  nursing board exams. While waiting to complete classes for the RN                                                                         boards, Pam took the LPN boards so that she could begin working as a nurse.

                                             In the late 80's most hospitals would not take LPNs to work in the hospital setting,  so Pam found her self                                                                                   working in a nursing home so that she could make some extra money. This was Pam's first introduction to the                                                                             elderly population which she fell in love with.

                                             Pam had her second son in 1988. As time went on, she wanted to advance her carrier and went back to University of Maryland

to r                                        to complete her  Bachelors in Nursing,  then continued on to take her Masters  in Nursing and then eventually her Nurse                                                             Practitioner.   Her hands on experience as a Nurse Practitioner left her feeling that something was missing and she longed to work with larger groups of the elderly than just one at a time. She felt she had so much more to offer. The opportunity to work as a Director of Nursing arose in a nursing home setting and Pam jumped at it without question. She went on to work as a Director of Nursing for Erickson Communities at Riderwood Village, where she successfully got them their Medicare license.

Her positive energy and dedication to the elderly population lead her to become the Regional Clinical Director for Sava Senior Care, a  nationwide organization that takes care of the elderly. After 7 years, Pam went on to open her own company,Clinical Solutions, where her team of nurses went in to nursing homes, assisted livings and rehab centers.  Her team helped the facilities to become in compliance with state and federal regulations. While running Clinical Solutions, Pam also worked as a clinical instructor at Johns Hopkins University, teaching  clinical skills to the Bachelor of Nursing Program students. Her knowledge, talent, skills and ability was quickly recognized by Apex Health Management, who grabbed her to become their Vice President of Clinical Operations.  Palm Health Partners soon asked her to join them in Palm Beach Florida as their Chief Clinical Officer... she took the opportunity and left Maryland behind.

Tragedy struck her life when her youngest son at the age of 23 years lost his life  in December 2011.  Pam and her family were devastated. They returned to Maryland and Pam walked away from the corporate world. She spent a year curled up, mourning the  loss of her son  and trying to make sense of his tragic death.  One year later, her husband encouraged her to start trying to live again and do something that would allow her to start the healing process. 


Dec 2012 they purchased the property in Germantown, Maryland . Pam spent a year renovating and getting Office of Health Care Quality (OHCQ) and Montgomery County License for Assisted Living. She named it "Asheir Manor" in memory of  her beloved son. His first name began with the Letter A.

His middle initial was S. Last name Heir- "ASHeir Manor" was born. Assisted Living license came through in October of 2013. Again Pam curled up and mourned her son during the months of November,  December 2013  and January 2014.

Finally -  pulling herself together, the process of Marketing "Asheir Manor" began in February 2014.

This incredible, loving, caring,  facility was born in honor and memory of Amarveer S. Heir.

 Pam's  mission - is to provide "Quality Care From The Heart" with love, respect and dignity while preserving her residents independence as much as possible. This facility is close to her heart and her expectations high of all her staff to do the right thing and provide the highest quality care to her residents. This facility leaves you feeling cared for, loved and at  home.  A home that is above and beyond any  other.

A home that keeps the memory of Amarveer S. Heir alive!

                                                                                                                                 Sandra J. Crisp